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Tithes And Offerings

How much money should you give to your church? The word,“tithe” means a tenth and is part of the law of Moses. But does that mean that today we are supposed to give 10% of what we make each year to the church? In this message we explore how the tithe and generosity apply to Christians today.

Justice Of God

The God of the Bible, the One we worship, has proven to be just. Even when things don’t seem to make sense from our own perspective we must trust that the eternal, holy, perfect God is fair and working in ways where everything will be made right.
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Marriage And Divorce

If you want your marriage to go where you want it to go, you need to find a partner who matches your faith and values.

Blog Posts

God Loves You

Do you believe God loves you?  Whether you attend church regularly or have never stepped foot inside a church, you have probably heard that God loves you.  Maybe you grew up singing the song, “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” But then you became an adult and life happened.  Now you struggle to reconcile the message of God’s love for you with all the trials you have experienced: a spouse who left; or a…

More Than Meets the Eye

Life sure can feel chaotic and unpredictable. One minute you are experiencing joy, contentment, and maybe a little success and the next moment you feel like you were punched in the gut with some life-altering news. At face value, all these ups and downs of life appear to be coincidental, unpredictable, and random. But did you know that the Bible paints a very different picture of our world? According to scripture, our lives are part of a much bigger story…

Missions Partner Updates

Hope Ministries works with people in a variety of challenging situations, from homelessness to addiction, in Des Moines – View Report Jeremy and Susan Beebout are missionaries to Niger. They provide healthcare services in villages as they share the hope of Jesus – View Report Todd & Pamela Price translate the Bible into the Roma language for people who have never heard the Good News – View Report Agape Pregnancy Resource Center provides free services to pregnant women, encouraging them…

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