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The Lost Art of Celebration

Many believe the Christian life is one of somber and serious quiet time with God. And while that is true for some of the spiritual disciplines, it has to be balanced with the joyous discipline of celebration. Jesus was a partier, and we should follow his example of demonstrating what God-honoring celebration looks and feels like. Not So Serious Today we continue to look at the spiritual disciplines that help deepen our relationship with God, but today’s discipline is very…

The Lost Art of Prayer

Christians know that prayer is an important part of their relationship with Jesus, but too often we allow our prayer lives to become tired lists of what you want God to do for you. In this message, you will learn a variety of different ways you can connect with Jesus through prayer to bring new life to your relationship with God. Prayer is the Basis for Relationship with God Today’s message is about the bedrock of every relationship: strong communication.…

The Lost Art of Bible Study

Many Christians want to follow Jesus, but they never make time to actually read God’s Word and see how Jesus lived. One of the Lost Arts of our day is to actually take the time to learn what is inside the Bible, to read it for ourselves and to put it into our hearts. If we are willing to do that, however, it will transform our lives. Message Coming Soon

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Youth Winter Retreat

When: Depart Friday, Jan 13 at 5 PM and Return Saturday morning Where: Oskaloosa Assembly of God (Pastor Ryan’s Father-in-Laws Church) Cost: $10 Who: All youth from grades 6 – 12 and their friends What: An ALL-NIGHT joint event between us and the Osky Assembly of God that includes: RSVP Your Spot by giving $10 and contacting Pastor Ryan to let him know you approve your child attending.

Graduation and God

It’s graduation season – that time of year when we celebrate the accomplishments of young (and sometimes older) people who have committed themselves to the completion of a course of study.  Be it high school, college, grad school, or even a union workers graduation, this is a time to celebrate with those we love and support.  So we sit through long ceremonies, take tons of pictures, and attend parties with such delicious food!  But while each graduation is the celebration…

That’s not FAIR!

It’s important to recognize our internal drive for fairness stems from the image of God which has been imprinted onto each and every one of us from the moment we were created.

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