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Unseen Angels

People believe a lot of misinformation about angels. In this message, we look at what the Bible actually tells us about these supernatural beings God created before he ever created the world as his personal servants whose job is now to minister to us, his beloved creation. Engage in the Spiritual Battle In our continuing series on the Unseen spiritual realm, today was supposed to be Demon Week. However, since today is Mother’s Day, I thought that might be an…

The Weapons Of War

In this cosmic battle between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness, God has given us armor to protect ourselves from the fiery darts of our enemy. To safely engage in this battle, we must take the time to do some simple things to protect ourselves with this armor. Engage in the Spiritual Battle Today we continue our series regarding the unseen struggle between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness. So far in this series:…

Blog Posts

More Than Meets the Eye

Life sure can feel chaotic and unpredictable. One minute you are experiencing joy, contentment, and maybe a little success and the next moment you feel like you were punched in the gut with some life-altering news. At face value, all these ups and downs of life appear to be coincidental, unpredictable, and random. But did you know that the Bible paints a very different picture of our world? According to scripture, our lives are part of a much bigger story…

Missions Partner Updates

Hope Ministries works with people in a variety of challenging situations, from homelessness to addiction, in Des Moines – View Report Jeremy and Susan Beebout are missionaries to Niger. They provide healthcare services in villages as they share the hope of Jesus – View Report Todd & Pamela Price translate the Bible into the Roma language for people who have never heard the Good News – View Report Agape Pregnancy Resource Center provides free services to pregnant women, encouraging them…

Winter is Only a Season

We’re in the middle of winter, the coldest, darkest season of the year.  It’s the time of year when the winds howl, the snow blows, the plants are dormant, and we all stay inside as much as possible to avoid the harsh weather.  What makes winter more tolerable for me is remembering that it is only a season.  It is a few short months until the days grow longer and the temperatures rise. Eventually the crocuses bloom. Yes, winter is uncomfortably cold, but the frosty air is only for a…

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