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God Is Merciful

A Poor Example of Mercy Do any of you remember a game called “Mercy”? You stood facing your opponent, locked fingers, and tried to bend back each other’s fingers until one of you couldn’t stand the pain and cried out, “Mercy.” At that point you proved your superior strength and, hopefully, stopped hurting your opponent. As you might imagine, this game was a lot less about mercy and compassion than it was about boys trying to hurt each other. My…

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Love Your Church

Churches come in all shapes and sizes. Keep looking until you find a church you love and then join their mission.

True Love

Hidden in the midst of our long Iowa winters is the season of love: Valentine’s Day. It’s a time for chocolate and card companies to reap huge rewards as we focus on the significant others in our lives. Symbols like hearts and tiny cupids emphasize the importance of romantic love in our culture.  Beginning with the Valentine’s card you gave to your first crush, there is a constant push from society telling you that true happiness is only fulfilled when you…

God Loves You

Do you believe God loves you?  Whether you attend church regularly or have never stepped foot inside a church, you have probably heard that God loves you.  Maybe you grew up singing the song, “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” But then you became an adult and life happened.  Now you struggle to reconcile the message of God’s love for you with all the trials you have experienced: a spouse who left; or a…

Feeling Overwhelmed?

In a world filled with stress and anxiety, if you’re struggling to find any peace, you are not alone. Countless people right here in our community are wrestling with mental health challenges, and we believe God offers answers. God wants more for you, and in the Bible He offers solutions to quiet your racing mind and find victory over your anxious thoughts.

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