Messages by Ryan Lenerz

Messages by Ryan Lenerz

Breaking Free Into Victory

Where We’ve Been Today we conclude our series called “Anxious for Nothing,” and like a teacher at the end of a school year, I’m going to give you a bit of review. To be honest, some of today’s message may feel a bit repetitive to those who have been here every week for this series. Most of the time I don’t expect you to commit to memory everything I say in a message. I want you to put it into…

Asking For Help

Our Problem with Independence and Privacy Do you know what one of my greatest fears is? It’s having some sort of accident or disease that leaves me completely dependent on other people. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone, but I really don’t want to ever be in a condition for an extended period of time where people have to feed me, help me go to the bathroom, get dressed, blow my nose, wipe my mouth – you get the picture.…

Filter Your Thinking

How We See the World This morning we will talk about how we all see the world. I’m sure many people assume everyone sees the world exactly the same way “I do.” The truth is, we all have different eyes, different color receptors, and brains that pick up details differently than other people. For instance, my vision is green-deficient. For me to see a green that really looks bright, it is WAY TOO bright for other people. At my last…

Prayer Brings Peace

You can do this! You can overcome the anxiety or depression that is weighing you down – not because you are amazing, but because you trust a God who is.

Lies to Stop Believing

If you are struggling with worry and anxiety, I encourage you to reject Satan’s lies and see the truth of God’s Word.

Anxious For Nothing

God wants good for you. If you are willing to fight this battle against anxiety, He promises to fight with you and bring you to the other side.

Easter Sunday

Jesus is more than a man. He is the Son of God. The resurrection proves it; and because He lives, we can each hold onto the hope that we will too.

Storytime with Jesus: The Great Banquet

Too often, Christians only invite people like them, or maybe people who are already Christians but who aren’t currently attending church or who are looking for a new church. But they make the safe invite. They invite “church folks”. They don’t think the guy covered with tattoos or the woman who cusses like a sailor would be interested in Jesus. But that’s the point of this parable.