Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit

At First Baptist we welcome everyone to come and attend a service without worrying about how you fit in, how you dress, or how far you might be from God. We know that if you are reading our website, God is already drawing you into a closer relationship with Himself.

So when you are ready to come and try us out, you can dress however you feel comfortable. If it’s good enough for Hardees or HyVee, it’s perfect for us.

Come and park in our parking lot on the west side of the building and enter through the main doors in the center of our building. When you enter, you will find the restrooms immediately in front of you, an area with coffee and donuts to your right, and the entrance to our sanctuary, where we have our service to your left.

We are a family that loves families. First Baptist is a place where your kids can have fun, grow, and discover just how much God loves them. Kid’s 0-11 are welcome to stay for the sermon or enjoy Kid’s Church downstairs in our secure Kid’s Zone during the service.

In our service we try to create a holy moment for you to connect with God. We do this through a time of singing both traditional hymns of the faith as well as newer Christian songs, followed by a challenging and engaging message from the pastor which shows you how the pages of the Bible apply to your daily life.

We hope you’ll take the time to come and visit – we’d love to see you this Sunday!