Messages on Faith

Messages on Faith

Storytime with Jesus: The Great Banquet

Too often, Christians only invite people like them, or maybe people who are already Christians but who aren’t currently attending church or who are looking for a new church. But they make the safe invite. They invite “church folks”. They don’t think the guy covered with tattoos or the woman who cusses like a sailor would be interested in Jesus. But that’s the point of this parable.

Tithes And Offerings

How much money should you give to your church? The word,“tithe” means a tenth and is part of the law of Moses. But does that mean that today we are supposed to give 10% of what we make each year to the church? In this message we explore how the tithe and generosity apply to Christians today.

Flawed Peter

Peter, one of Jesus’ closest disciples, is an important leader in the early church, yet his story is filled with moments where he disappoints Jesus. And this is good news because we all disappoint Jesus.

Victory Is Assured

Today we wrap up our series on the Unseen – the battle being waged for our souls. Here’s a short recap: As you can see, we have explored many angles to this “Unseen” that many people choose to be naïve about. Usually a preacher will save the big idea of the message until the end. Today I’ll come right out and share it with you before we get started. This is the one thing I want everyone here to know…

Unseen Angels

People believe a lot of misinformation about angels. In this message, we look at what the Bible actually tells us about these supernatural beings God created before he ever created the world as his personal servants whose job is now to minister to us, his beloved creation. Engage in the Spiritual Battle In our continuing series on the Unseen spiritual realm, today was supposed to be Demon Week. However, since today is Mother’s Day, I thought that might be an…

The Weapons Of War

In this cosmic battle between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness, God has given us armor to protect ourselves from the fiery darts of our enemy. To safely engage in this battle, we must take the time to do some simple things to protect ourselves with this armor. Engage in the Spiritual Battle Today we continue our series regarding the unseen struggle between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Darkness. So far in this series:…

The Unseen Enemy

We may not think about it, but we are in a spiritual battle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual powers led by Satan himself who works to accuse, deceive, and tempt us in ways that destroy our relationship with God. By knowing his tactics, we are better able to defeat him. Unseen Enemy Today we continue our series on the Unseen. Even though we can’t see this realm with our eyes, it gives meaning and purpose to our…

The Cosmic Drama

If you want to understand what God is doing in your life, you have to understand the bigger story God is writing. This Cosmic Drama is detailed through the pages of the Bible and when we understand where our lives fit in this much larger story, it gives us answers to some of life’s most daunting questions. When You Don’t Know the Whole Story Have you ever walked into a room where someone is watching television and sat down partway…

Faith In The Unseen

Only 10% of an iceberg can be seen above water. In the same way, we can only see a tiny part of our reality with our physical eyes. Instead, so much lurks beneath the surface of the physical world we can see, touch, and measure. Unless we put our belief in the unseen world, much of our lives will never make sense. That’s where faith comes in – faith is believing in things unseen, because what is unseen actually makes…