Messages on Evangelism

Messages on Evangelism

Storytime with Jesus: The Great Banquet

Too often, Christians only invite people like them, or maybe people who are already Christians but who aren’t currently attending church or who are looking for a new church. But they make the safe invite. They invite “church folks”. They don’t think the guy covered with tattoos or the woman who cusses like a sailor would be interested in Jesus. But that’s the point of this parable.

Lowly Shepherds

The proclamation of the birth of Jesus was not first made to kings or religious elites, but to those outside the community – a group of shepherds watching their sheep at night. This important piece of the Christmas story teaches us that God’s heart has always been for the outsiders, and it still is today. BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS Today we’ll talk about the “unlikely characters” who received the very first proclamation of the birth of Jesus. Other than those in the…

Open to Others

It’s one thing to maintain the relationships you already have, but another to live with an open heart ready to to extend kindness and friendship to strangers in your midst. Welcoming the stranger is better known as hospitality, and it is a skill we all need a refresher on. Throughout history Christians have been known as the most hospitable people and we need to reclaim that reputation in a world filled with lonely people. Message How do we become closer…

All Things to All People

The apostle Paul teaches churches to contextualize the Gospel message by being flexible with ministry strategies while being firm on the message. This contextualization allows churches to reach their community in their culture with a Gospel that fits the people they are trying to reach. Unfortunately, the ministries and style that fit the people a church is seeking to win for Jesus is often different than the preferences of those within the church. But we are called to be lay…

Psalm 8

“O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!” This song of David points to the glorious reputation of God. Unfortunately, God’s reputation is no longer what it was – but as followers of Jesus, we have an opportunity to re-build the God’s reputation with those all around us. Message Have you ever thought about how a single photo or image can instantly bring a certain person to your mind? The person’s name, achievements, and successes…

Community Renewal

When we think about Heaven, oftentimes we think about clouds and harps. But when Jesus speaks about the Kingdom of Heaven in the Gospel of Matthew, he speaks of God’s divine authority breaking into our world around us. As followers of Jesus we have the opportunity to join with God’s work in bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to our community.

Eyes to See Like Jesus

Jesus saw the world around him with compassion. Unless we see the world like Jesus, we will never share Jesus with the world.
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