Messages on 2 Corinthians

Messages on 2 Corinthians

Faith In The Unseen

Only 10% of an iceberg can be seen above water. In the same way, we can only see a tiny part of our reality with our physical eyes. Instead, so much lurks beneath the surface of the physical world we can see, touch, and measure. Unless we put our belief in the unseen world, much of our lives will never make sense. That’s where faith comes in – faith is believing in things unseen, because what is unseen actually makes…

Financial Management

Compared to the rest of the world, all of us are rich. As such, we need to think about our wealth the way God wants us to – not being arrogant, trusting in God and not in our money, and especially, being generous. Because we worship a generous God, He wants all of us to be generous in every occasion. And as we trust him and give to others, he will faithfully give back to us, that we may never…

Our Guarantee

The difference between a Christian and a non-Christian is much deeper than beliefs or behavior. The Bible tells us that the difference is that a Christian has the Holy Spirit put inside their heart as a guarantee of the inheritance God promises – Heaven! This message unpacks the confidence Christians can have that God seals us as his forever when he puts His Spirit inside us.