Messages on Galatians

Messages on Galatians

Flawed Peter

Peter, one of Jesus’ closest disciples, is an important leader in the early church, yet his story is filled with moments where he disappoints Jesus. And this is good news because we all disappoint Jesus.

Relational Boundaries

Every relationship is has a moment where one person offends or hurts another. The question is, how do people move forward after the relationship is damaged? Often people ignore the hurt and let it fester, lash out with revenge, or go and tell the other person they are owed an apology. But the Bible tells us that we have to choose a different option: forgiveness. And we are supposed to forgive regardless how how grievous the sin, how many times…

The Spirit Led Life

Many people think Christianity is just a bunch of rules to follow, but Jesus actually died on the cross so we could be set free from all the rules. But if we don’t have rules to follow, how can we know how to live? By the Spirit of God who acts as our guide in every moment of every day. This message from Galatians shows us how we are to walk in step with the Spirit. Rules Don’t Work Have…