Messages on Romans

Messages on Romans

Anxious For Nothing

God wants good for you. If you are willing to fight this battle against anxiety, He promises to fight with you and bring you to the other side.

Virtue Signals – Hope

We Christians can hold onto hope, even in the midst of all the negativity around us because we trust that God is in control. – No ruler has been put in power for whom God didn’t have a say. – No natural disaster has caught God by surprise. – COVID wasn’t unexpected, and all the results it brought were within God’s plan. God DOES have a plan that He will work right up until the day the trumpet sounds and time runs out for this earth.

Baptism Service

Baptism is an extremely important part of the life of a church, and not just for those who are being baptized.

Flawed Abraham

God has made thousands of promises to us in His word, but often we allow doubt to rob us of the peace that comes from trusting in these promises.

Flawed Adam

Many of us know we can never truly hide from God, but that doesn’t keep us from trying.

Victory Is Assured

Today we wrap up our series on the Unseen – the battle being waged for our souls. Here’s a short recap: As you can see, we have explored many angles to this “Unseen” that many people choose to be naïve about. Usually a preacher will save the big idea of the message until the end. Today I’ll come right out and share it with you before we get started. This is the one thing I want everyone here to know…

The Cosmic Drama

If you want to understand what God is doing in your life, you have to understand the bigger story God is writing. This Cosmic Drama is detailed through the pages of the Bible and when we understand where our lives fit in this much larger story, it gives us answers to some of life’s most daunting questions. When You Don’t Know the Whole Story Have you ever walked into a room where someone is watching television and sat down partway…

What Does Easter Mean To You?

Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus, his coming to new life and leaving the empty tomb behind. But more than a single event, Easter impacts our lives in the here and now and for all eternity. In this Easter message, Pastor Ryan discusses why everything had to happen this way, and what the resurrection proves about Jesus and about our eternity. Easter Today is Easter. Because of that, both here and at nearly every other church in the world, church…

Family of God

The church is often referred to as the family of God which sounds sweet, but is actually a significant analogy with deep implications. If the church is a family, then how we treat one another, how we deal with conflict, and how we help and support each other should all look differently than if we are only a collection of Christians who gather in a building on Sundays. The “Family Church” Model As we continue our series on the Ekklesia,…