Messages on Luke

Messages on Luke

The Angel’s Message to Mary

This evening, in our Christmas Eve service, we will finally get to the birth of Jesus. In the meantime, this morning, we will look at the Angel’s message to Mary, the young virgin girl who, like her older cousin Elizabeth, is told she will have a miraculous birth.

John The Baptist

After 400 years of silence since the end of the Old Testament, many people believe the birth of Jesus is the first time God shows up in the Bible. 

Life After Death – Hell

If we are comfortable with our own lives and the things of this earth, then we will be indifferent to the eternal destiny of others; and that’s exactly the way our enemy wants it.

Solitude and Silence

In our new series about the Lost Arts of spiritual discipline, we first look at the foundation of so many ways we connect with God – by putting away distractions and finding silence and solitude so we can hear God’s quiet whisper. Finding Stronger Connections With God Today we start a new series building on the great message Kirk gave last week. He encouraged us to make some New Year’s Resolutions to use four practices to help build a stronger…

The Virgin Mother

The fact that Jesus was conceived in the power of the Holy Spirit by a virgin as incredible implications for this God-man who is the perfect intersection of heaven and earth. How Babies are Made Today we are going back to high school. To high school health class. To a topic that made the kids giggle. The topic that made me hang out in the library for a week because my mom exempted me from it. SEX ED. I’m guessing…

Lowly Shepherds

The proclamation of the birth of Jesus was not first made to kings or religious elites, but to those outside the community – a group of shepherds watching their sheep at night. This important piece of the Christmas story teaches us that God’s heart has always been for the outsiders, and it still is today. BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS Today we’ll talk about the “unlikely characters” who received the very first proclamation of the birth of Jesus. Other than those in the…

Zechariah and Elizabeth

While Christmas is supposed to be a time of celebration, for many it is a reminder of all the disappointments and unmet expectations of another year. In fact, that’s the exact feeling of the unlikely characters who open the story of Jesus’ birth. Rather than beginning with Jesus, the Gospel of Luke opens with a focus on an old couple who was unable to have children. But why? People Can Surprise You We start our new Christmas series today by…

Be Nice

A first step in strengthening relationships is simple kindness. Everyone knows that, but few actually live it out every day, towards every person. Instead we pick and choose who to love and who to loathe. The Bible teaches us to love our neighbor as ourselves and we don’t get to pick who our neighbor is. Message Do you know the secret of getting people to like you? Be nice to them! This sounds simple, but do you realize how all-encompassing…

Church Renewal

God works through the bride of Christ, His church to bring His Kingdom to the community around. As the church, we want to experience a fresh outpouring of the Spirit of God and be willing to be like a flexible new wineskin, open to new ways of doing ministry, as we are filled with the new wine of the Spirit.
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