Messages on Luke

Messages on Luke

God Is Merciful

A Poor Example of Mercy Do any of you remember a game called “Mercy”? You stood facing your opponent, locked fingers, and tried to bend back each other’s fingers until one of you couldn’t stand the pain and cried out, “Mercy.” At that point you proved your superior strength and, hopefully, stopped hurting your opponent. As you might imagine, this game was a lot less about mercy and compassion than it was about boys trying to hurt each other. My…

Easter Sunday

Jesus is more than a man. He is the Son of God. The resurrection proves it; and because He lives, we can each hold onto the hope that we will too.

Storytime with Jesus: The Great Banquet

Too often, Christians only invite people like them, or maybe people who are already Christians but who aren’t currently attending church or who are looking for a new church. But they make the safe invite. They invite “church folks”. They don’t think the guy covered with tattoos or the woman who cusses like a sailor would be interested in Jesus. But that’s the point of this parable.

The Angel’s Message to Mary

This evening, in our Christmas Eve service, we will finally get to the birth of Jesus. In the meantime, this morning, we will look at the Angel’s message to Mary, the young virgin girl who, like her older cousin Elizabeth, is told she will have a miraculous birth.

John The Baptist

After 400 years of silence since the end of the Old Testament, many people believe the birth of Jesus is the first time God shows up in the Bible. 
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