Messages on Acts

Messages on Acts

Easter Sunday

Jesus is more than a man. He is the Son of God. The resurrection proves it; and because He lives, we can each hold onto the hope that we will too.

Unseen Angels

People believe a lot of misinformation about angels. In this message, we look at what the Bible actually tells us about these supernatural beings God created before he ever created the world as his personal servants whose job is now to minister to us, his beloved creation. Engage in the Spiritual Battle In our continuing series on the Unseen spiritual realm, today was supposed to be Demon Week. However, since today is Mother’s Day, I thought that might be an…

The Gathered Church

When people hear the word “CHURCH” they often think of a building they go to or the service they attend. But the Greek word that we translate as “church” actually points to the people who gather. We don’t GO to church but we ARE the church. And this mindset shift has massive impacts for how involved a person in with their church. Jesus expects his followers to be participants and not spectators in their local church! Ekklesia = The Gathering…

The Lost Art of Fasting

Fasting is a spiritual discipline God offers us as a way to connect more closely and intimately with Him. It’s an opportunity to show him how serious we truly are about this issue in our life. So try adding fasting to the ways you connect with God and watch how that hunger in your stomach turns your senses towards complete dependance on Him. From Feasting to Fasting Last week we looked at the Spiritual Discipline of Celebration, and I have…

Our Guarantee

The difference between a Christian and a non-Christian is much deeper than beliefs or behavior. The Bible tells us that the difference is that a Christian has the Holy Spirit put inside their heart as a guarantee of the inheritance God promises – Heaven! This message unpacks the confidence Christians can have that God seals us as his forever when he puts His Spirit inside us.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Come along on a survey of Holy Spirit sightings across the pages of the entire Bible as we learn about who the Holy Spirit is based on his appearances in scripture. Most importantly, you will see that the Holy Spirit is God IN You – a gift you must treasure forever! Today we begin a new series called “Fresh Fire.” We want to answer the questions “Who is the Holy Spirit?” and “What does He do for Me?” The Holy…