Messages on John

Messages on John

Lies to Stop Believing

If you are struggling with worry and anxiety, I encourage you to reject Satan’s lies and see the truth of God’s Word.

Anxious For Nothing

God wants good for you. If you are willing to fight this battle against anxiety, He promises to fight with you and bring you to the other side.

Easter Sunday

Jesus is more than a man. He is the Son of God. The resurrection proves it; and because He lives, we can each hold onto the hope that we will too.

Virtue Signals – Grace

In Christianity, God reached down toward humanity and gave himself as a sacrifice so we could be in relationship with Him. That’s God’s Grace – the Good News of the Gospel. The problem is, many non-Christians don’t see grace when they look at Christians. Instead, Christians are often viewed as Judgmental and Angry.

Virtue Signals – Love

If we want to be Godly, to be representatives of God to this world, then the most important virtue we have to live out is that of love. And not the messed up, twisted and distorted version this world passes off as love

Flawed Solomon

Of all the options this world affords us, only one thing matters – our relationship with God. Start it. Grow it. Hold on to it through your whole life. That’s the key to happiness.

Victory Is Assured

Today we wrap up our series on the Unseen – the battle being waged for our souls. Here’s a short recap: As you can see, we have explored many angles to this “Unseen” that many people choose to be naïve about. Usually a preacher will save the big idea of the message until the end. Today I’ll come right out and share it with you before we get started. This is the one thing I want everyone here to know…
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