Messages from July 2022

Messages from July 2022

Psalm 139

Kirk Irwin, a church elder, walks through this beautiful Psalm which depicts the intimate way God knows and cares for every single one of us.

Psalms of Praise

The end of the book of Psalms ends with a crescendo of praise to God for his character and his mighty deeds. In this message, Pastor Ryan walks through Psalm 145 to show how we should be like David and look for all the reasons we can praise and worship our God. Message: We’re nearing the end of our walk through the Psalms Greatest Hits and any Greatest Hits album must include the culmination of the book. So today I…

Imprecatory Psalms

Jesus tells us to love our enemies, but in the Psalms, David prays for God to bash in the teeth of his enemies. How can we as Christians understand curses for one’s enemy as seen in the Imprecatory Psalms against the love that Jesus teaches? And how does this all fit with Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine? Message: Previously in our “Greatest Hits” series we have looked at one chapter of Psalms at a time. Today we will…

Psalm 119

Laws, decrees, precepts, ways, and commands are not something most of us love to talk about. But this Psalmist is different. He wrote the longest book of the Bible on this very topic. Why did he love God’s written word so much, and what does it mean for our lives today? And yes, Jesus plays a major role! Message: For the past several weeks we’ve been focusing on “Israel’s Greatest Hits” – the songbook of the Hebrew people – the…