Messages from October 2023

Messages from October 2023

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Dishonoring God

If we are a living sacrifice, then He desires our obedience to true instruction. We must honor Him with our very lives and not just our lips.

Virtue Signals – Humility

Series Review Today we finish our series on Virtue Signals – those ways we demonstrate to the world around us that we live differently. If you missed any of those messages, I encourage you to watch or listen to them. You can find every one of our messages in video, audio, or readable version on the church website: Additionally, they are all posted to Facebook, YouTube, and Google or Apple Podcast. We try to make it really easy for…

Virtue Signals – Truth

The Erosion of Trust and Truth Today we consider yet another signal Christians must shine out into this dark world: Truth. The world needs Truth! Truth is a much more interesting topic today than perhaps 30 years ago because truth is rooted in trust, and trust has completely eroded in our culture. Years ago, if your doctor told you something, it was true. You didn’t research mRNA vaccinations online or worry about giving your child autism. When the polio vaccine…

Virtue Signals – Grace

In Christianity, God reached down toward humanity and gave himself as a sacrifice so we could be in relationship with Him. That’s God’s Grace – the Good News of the Gospel. The problem is, many non-Christians don’t see grace when they look at Christians. Instead, Christians are often viewed as Judgmental and Angry.