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One Hundred Messages

Coming to church on Sundays to sit with your church family is about something much bigger than you. It’s all about God and His glory. As you sit in His presence you will find yourself changed.

The Angel’s Message to Mary

This evening, in our Christmas Eve service, we will finally get to the birth of Jesus. In the meantime, this morning, we will look at the Angel’s message to Mary, the young virgin girl who, like her older cousin Elizabeth, is told she will have a miraculous birth.

John The Baptist

After 400 years of silence since the end of the Old Testament, many people believe the birth of Jesus is the first time God shows up in the Bible. 

Baptism Service

Baptism is an extremely important part of the life of a church, and not just for those who are being baptized.

What Does Easter Mean To You?

Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus, his coming to new life and leaving the empty tomb behind. But more than a single event, Easter impacts our lives in the here and now and for all eternity. In this Easter message, Pastor Ryan discusses why everything had to happen this way, and what the resurrection proves about Jesus and about our eternity. Easter Today is Easter. Because of that, both here and at nearly every other church in the world, church…

New Year’s Resolutions

Kirk Irwin, and elder at the church, shares four New Year’s Resolutions we should all make to deepen our relationship with Jesus in the coming year.

Mission Trip Update

Our youth went to Nashville to serve the community through Group Mission Trips from July 31 – August 6. Hear about what they did on the trip and how God moved in their lives.

The Value of Hands

In this message, one of our elders, Dr. Larry Hirschy explores the topic of “hands” as seen throughout the pages of scripture. Ultimately, as followers of Jesus, we are now the hands of Christ to make a difference in this world.

Evil King Manasseh

Burt Beals shares about the evil inside a person’s heart and how God is in the business of redeeming us from that evil.
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