And Then There Was Silence

We can never say we haven’t heard from God in years.  Because God still speaks to each of us – not through a single prophet to the entire nation – but by his very Spirit to each one of us individually.

God Wants Your Whole Heart

In the time of Malachi, much like today, many people’s love for God had grown cold.  They were trying to serve him, without it actually costing them much at all.  They wanted to live their lives on their terms AND receive God’s blessing. 

Tithes And Offerings

How much money should you give to your church? The word,“tithe” means a tenth and is part of the law of Moses. But does that mean that today we are supposed to give 10% of what we make each year to the church? In this message we explore how the tithe and generosity apply to Christians today.

Justice Of God

The God of the Bible, the One we worship, has proven to be just. Even when things don’t seem to make sense from our own perspective we must trust that the eternal, holy, perfect God is fair and working in ways where everything will be made right.
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Marriage And Divorce

If you want your marriage to go where you want it to go, you need to find a partner who matches your faith and values.
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Dishonoring God

If we are a living sacrifice, then He desires our obedience to true instruction. We must honor Him with our very lives and not just our lips.