Flawed Heroes Of The Bible

Flawed Heroes Of The Bible

Flawed Solomon

Of all the options this world affords us, only one thing matters – our relationship with God. Start it. Grow it. Hold on to it through your whole life. That’s the key to happiness.

Flawed Abraham

God has made thousands of promises to us in His word, but often we allow doubt to rob us of the peace that comes from trusting in these promises.

Flawed Adam

Many of us know we can never truly hide from God, but that doesn’t keep us from trying.

Flawed Peter

Peter, one of Jesus’ closest disciples, is an important leader in the early church, yet his story is filled with moments where he disappoints Jesus. And this is good news because we all disappoint Jesus.

Flawed David

The beauty of this story is how it shows God’s willingness to forgive anyone, regardless of what you have done.