Sermons from May 2022

Sermons from May 2022

The Value of Hands

In this message, one of our elders, Dr. Larry Hirschy explores the topic of “hands” as seen throughout the pages of scripture. Ultimately, as followers of Jesus, we are now the hands of Christ to make a difference in this world.

The Spirit Led Life

Many people think Christianity is just a bunch of rules to follow, but Jesus actually died on the cross so we could be set free from all the rules. But if we don’t have rules to follow, how can we know how to live? By the Spirit of God who acts as our guide in every moment of every day. This message from Galatians shows us how we are to walk in step with the Spirit. Rules Don’t Work Have…

Our Gift Giver

In 4 different places the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit gives believers special gifts as He determines. In this message we look at those spiritual gifts and why different groups of Christians work off of different lists. But regardless of where you stand on the supernatural gifts, the Spirit has placed a gift in you and wants you to use it for God’s glory. * To view all the slides from the message, including the list of all…

Our Guide

One of the main tasks of the Holy Spirit in our lives is to be a messenger between us and God. And in so doing, he guides us through our lives on the path God wants for us. Looking through scripture we see that the 4 main messages the Holy Spirit communicates are: (1) convict the world, (2) guide us to truth, (3) teach us wisdom, and (4) intercede on our behalf. The Message Today is Mother’s Day! Do you…

Our Guarantee

The difference between a Christian and a non-Christian is much deeper than beliefs or behavior. The Bible tells us that the difference is that a Christian has the Holy Spirit put inside their heart as a guarantee of the inheritance God promises – Heaven! This message unpacks the confidence Christians can have that God seals us as his forever when he puts His Spirit inside us.