Messages from August 2022

Messages from August 2022

Humble Like Jesus

Philippians 2 tells us to have the same mindset as Christ Jesus and then tells of his humility in coming down from heaven to die on a cross for us. But we can’t do that for others. So how can we be humble like Jesus? Surprisingly it begins with what we need to STOP doing, and that is bring prideful. Message Last week we began a brief series about what it means to have “The Mind of Christ” and how…

The Mind of Christ

The apostle Paul tells us that as Christians we have the mind of Christ, but what does that mean? How is the world’s way of thinking incompatible with a believers way of thinking and are the two sides really that far apart? Message Today we begin a new series of messages in which we will learn what it means to have, as 1 Corinthians 2:16 says, the “Mind of Christ.” Perhaps you have heard this phrase before, but have you…

All Things to All People

The apostle Paul teaches churches to contextualize the Gospel message by being flexible with ministry strategies while being firm on the message. This contextualization allows churches to reach their community in their culture with a Gospel that fits the people they are trying to reach. Unfortunately, the ministries and style that fit the people a church is seeking to win for Jesus is often different than the preferences of those within the church. But we are called to be lay…

Mission Trip Update

Our youth went to Nashville to serve the community through Group Mission Trips from July 31 – August 6. Hear about what they did on the trip and how God moved in their lives.